Changes: Blogging 201, Assignments 1-7


The Controlled Kaleidoscope

Good Evening Readers,

I just wanted to advise about all the changes to the blog is because I am part of blogging 201.

Please give your opinions on the images, header, layout, pages, structure, widgets, and anything else you may think I may find useful information.

Thank you for your patience as I make “The Controlled Kaleidoscope,” a blog that is simple, arts, and easy to read.

I would love any and all recommendations that you have. Thank you!

Cordially Yours,


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I hate my anxiety.


❅ the musings of a wannabe garden fairy ❅

I hate my anxiety.

I hate the fact that even just going to school can make me want scream.

Or throw up.

Or tear out my insides until they’re all gone and I will finally have a reason for an excused absence,

Because “not mentally well” is no excuse.

I hate the fact that just being next to you makes me want to curl up and cry

All because I tore you out of my life

But you didn’t even care,

So I can’t bear the awkwardness that might pursue

If I were to stand next to you.

I hate the fact that you’re completely perfect in every way.

And everyone absolutely loves you.

And they can’t even see me because I just stand in the shadows behind you.

I hate the fact that you hate that you’re oh-so awkward.

When I can barely have a conversation without wanting to throw…

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On Dealing with Writer’s Block


Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Year Old

When I sat down to write a post today, I faced my computer screen with that familiar “deer in the headlights” look. Microsoft Word was open, the page was blank, and the cursor repeatedly blinked at me, waiting for me to turn thoughts into words. But nothing came. My first irrational thought: well it’s happened, I’ve lost my writing talent. It’s slipped away, out of my reach, much like Samantha’s orgasm on that episode of Sex and the City. My second, somewhat less emotional thought: okay, clearly I have the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK. I could not put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, I should say. I couldn’t even come up with a decent title, for fuck’s sake. Side note – I still don’t think the title for this post is all that great. So if you have any better ideas, please let me know.

And then…

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The Process of Writing- From First Draft to Last


Charlotte Zang

Sometimes I find myself wondering at the number of drafts people go through in order to get to their final and publishable draft of their work. In most aspects I am referring to novels, or collections, because I honestly am not going to try and ensure some amazing piece of literature gets posted on my Wednesday weekly photo inspiration deal. The whole point of the project would be destroyed if I did that.

I happen to be one of those people who feels like they could go on and on with corrections and concepts and content changes, so I often have to reel myself in and say, enough is enough, let’s move forward. Is all of my work in the best place it could have been before publishing? No, not even close. So then why did I publish it? Good question and perhaps the best answer is simply, because. Although…

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all part of the process (writing about my writing)


collecting tokens

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a writer. As a voracious reader, and avid lover of books, it seemed obvious to me that I would one day write a novel. I can’t really say at what point this dream faded, but I would be surprised if I ever got down to writing a novel. I don’t have a driving need to do so. I might some day explore writing shorter works, such as a children’s picture book. (I do love picture books.) Or perhaps something even shorter, like a greeting card. (I don’t much like greeting cards.) What I have discovered is that I do enjoy putting together words, and this blog is the place where I most like to put them together.

My friend Sarah, who currently posts at Splitting Infinitives, is a phenomenal writer, and I don’t say that lightly. I was therefore enormously…

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There and Back Again – Blogging, That Is



In case it wasn’t clear before now, I go through blogging phases. I’ve decided that there’s just some points in my life where I really need to write, and others where I get distracted and can’t focus. This is one of those writing times, so look forward to a whole new crop of blog posts.

I’m really getting settled at my new position at the Association for Student Conduct Administrators (based at Texas A&M) but I’m not doing much writing there, mainly editing, graphics and social media work. I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by writers and reading excellent blogs and articles, and I want to contribute as well.

Additionally, I recently acquired a DSLR camera, a Nikon D3200 with an 18-55mm lens and a 55-200mm lens for my fellow photography buffs, so I hope that I can also use this blog to experiment with and get better at using my camera.

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Writing the Dead: How Do I Write Someone Who’s Not Here Anymore?


Stephan Maldonado

Aside from “apocalyptic fairytale”, one of the first descriptors that comes to mind when somebody asks about my novel is “fictionalized memoir.” True, I’ve never hung out with vampires and angels or been offered immortality by the Devil. I’ve never destroyed a city, and I don’t live in Los Angeles or have a girlfriend (ha!). But despite all the “fiction”, I still consider it to be the most honest piece of writing I have ever created. This is my story: a story of grief and evolution that I’m able to tell so honestly because I tell it through fantasy. At its core the novel is about acceptance of loss and empowerment through heartbreak, and each wild and ostentatious plot point simply helps me work through those in my own way (not to mention makes for a much better read). I suppose every good writer (let’s assume I’m a good writer)…

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