Publish in 10 Minutes Per Day


Butterfly Mind

I presented the following at WordCamp US 2015. Enjoy!

You’re an awesome blogger, right? You never run out of ideas, you work your full time job, exercise daily, manage your household, and still publish regularly on your blog. You post exciting content every day and can sustain your level of blogging forever and ever, amiright?

Yeah. Me neither.

Publish in 10 Minutes Per day Slide 2 -- Eeyore Sad blogger.

Days go by, and then weeks. You think about how good posting would feel: to write, to publish, to get those likes and comments. But you don’t actually do anything about it. The longer your blog sits untouched, the more pressure you feel to make your next post AWESOME to make up for being a slacker. Which of course means you now have writer’s block, because really, who can write under the pressure of having to write something amazing? So you don’t post. Your visitors leave. Your views trickle…

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