Geno 2.0 Results – First Peek


DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy

The results for males just started coming in yesterday.  One of our blog subscribers was kind enough to allow me to use his results.  You’ll notice that there is no identifying information about you on this page, so if you forward this to someone, and that is something you can do, you’ll need to be sure to sign it with your name.  It comes as a “no-reply” type of e-mail from National Geographic, not from you.

try 1

There’s lots of info provided here.  First, you can see how much Neanderthal you carry.  Ok, so no more Neanderthal jokes about your brother-in-law.

You can also see the division of your ethnicity.  Compared to this person’s Family Finder results, this test seems to be more sensitive, picking up admixture not found in Family Finder.  Their Family Finder results were 43% Europe, 5% East Asian (Siberian), 38% Native American and 13% Middle Eastern, rounded…

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