Where is my Haplogroup From?


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This is a very common question.  The answer can be as simple as a Wiki search, or a little more complex, but offering a much more personal answer.

First, if you have not joined a haplogroup project relevant to your haplogroup, do so.  This applies to both Y-line and mitochondrial results.

We discussed how to do this in the “What Project do I Join?” post.

Joining haplogroup projects does two things.  First, it provides you with a group of “like people,” who have common ancestors with yours.  Second, it provides the project administrators with DNA sequences to work with.  It’s that “working with” part that will play an important part in the answer to this question.

If you’ve already looked at Wiki, and you’re ready for more, you can take a look at your personal page.  At Family Tree DNA, both the Y-line and mtDNA have a haplogroup…

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