WWI App User-Design Workshop for Educators in Kansas City


Education Updates

We invite educators to participate in a free World War I app user-design workshop on Saturday, June 25, at the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO.

Barbed Wire Gate to Trench Barbed Wire Gate to Trench, Ypres Salient and Area, Cambrin. From the Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs. National Archives Identifier 16580840.

If you are a Kansas City area teacher interested in 1:1 learning or working with iPads, being part of the app-design process, or would like to provide design input based on your in-class experience, we encourage you to join us for this fun and engaging workshop!

The National Archives has teamed up with Historypin, the National WWI Museum and Memorial, the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress and a growing number of cultural heritage partners to develop an engaging WWI website and tablet app to dynamically highlight WWI content. The app invites people nationwide to contribute their own stories…

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Hands-on Research with THATClass and the National Archives



Today’s post comes from Dina Herbert, Innovation Hub Coordinator. Dina recently chatted with Patrick Cronin and Thomas Neville about THATClass, their project-based archival education program for Washington, DC students.

Three high school students and their THATclass leader, who volunteered to help with scanning in the digitization lab at the National Archives in Washington, DC, on July 20, 2016.

Tell me about THATClass.  What do students learn by participating in THATClass that they wouldn’t necessarily get from their regular school year lessons?

THATClass (The Humanities And Technology Class) started with partnerships among teachers, students, local archives and experts, and a question: What if we replaced the textbook with archival materials? That led to authentic historical work, with high school students framing questions about forgotten stories, researching in archives, and using new digital tools to share their findings at a professional conference. The learning experience is unique because students (and teachers) are free from the normal constraints of school, a fixed classroom location, grades, and set content to be covered. THATClass encourages learners to uncover content in archives; this is…

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